Sunday, January 6, 2013

The NEW 31 Day Challenge Day 6- Your Favorite Color Family

*Sigh* I had so many problems with my pink mani today. I attempted to do a pretty pink gradient then I wanted to use my first Daring Digits polish (post to come later) to layer on top. For whatever reason the gradient gods were not with me today because it was just not coming out the way I wanted. Then I tried to matte it to see if I would like it better...but that was a disaster in itself since matte shows every little mistake, crease, bump. Then I FINALLY had something I like and this little terror got himself stuck under the bed and I had to pull him out and in the process I smeared my nails. :(

Grrrrr!!! I love this guy but dammit he makes doing my nails difficult sometimes!!!  Anyways after the smear I was done. I took it all off put on Zoya Lara and Pretty &Polished Punk'd up Betty and called it a day!

I love Punk'd Up Betty. It was one of the first Indies I purchased and one of the few full size bottles that I own. When it comes to indies I usually just buy mini's because I know i'll probably never get through a full size and I can get a bunch for cheaper and be able to try out lots of things! Whenever I buy a full size its because I really really love it and I know I'll wear it all the time. So I ended up loving my pink mani. It's simple..but I'm ok with that. :) Have a nice Sunday!