Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 17- A New Technique To You

Hi guys! For todays challenge we had to do a technique that was new to us. I choose Half Moons. Here's what I did.

MEH! The moons came out a lot better than I've ever done. But I'm not completely happy with the color combo. Too dark I think.. Anyways I used Pure Ice Black and Color Clubs Glitter Wonderland. Funny story about the Color Club. So I'm painting my nails and we are all familiar with the smells of fingernail polish...but the smell I was smelling was completely different. It smelled like whipped cream vodka (Which is delicious). I sniff my nails and realize it's them! hahahaha I totally didn't realize the Color Club winter collection was scented! I hated the smell though. I picked up a few from Sallys, I wonder what the rest smell like!

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