Sunday, December 30, 2012

On A Roll!!!

I am having a string of good luck. I won TWO more giveaways!!!!! So I started off with winning the giveaway over at Kat Stays Polished. Then I won a flash giveaway on Llarowes' page! I will be getting Femme Fatale Glistening Loadstone. I am soooo excited! Google swatches. It's freaking beautiful!!!!! THEN on top of both of these amazing wins I won a Giveaway hosted by Ana from Simple Nail Art Tips and Joan from Tip Top Nails South Africa!!! How exciting!! This post is a little late considering I recently got my prize from Tip Top Nails all the way from South Africa! Yay for international polishes! :) Here's a picture.

SO fabulous right! The bottles didn't have names on them so I'll have to do some searching but they are all nice colors. I know the blue one is called I Luv Denim. I was very excited to get that one because I had seen a few swatches and I loved it! I also got a top and base coat which is great! I love tying out new ones. I got some Nail stickers, micro beads and a nail file. What a great prize! Thanks Joan!!!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Won a Giveaway!!

A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway hosted by Kat @ Kat Stays Polished and guess what!!? I won!!!!! Super duper cool. It's the first giveaway i've ever won! Here's a picture of what I got.

Revelon- Whimsical
elf- Metal Maddness
elf -Golden Goddess
I also a polish made by Kat herself! It's called Birthday Shenanigans and it is super cute! Here's a quick swatch on my nubbins! :) I layered it over Nicole By O.P.Is Ladies in the Limelight. I love it!!!

 I also got Sally Hansens Salon Effects Nail Polish strips (which I can't wait to play with). French Tip guides and some microbeads. Kat was kind enough to throw in some extra beads and fimo canes and a nice handwritten note. Which is really kinda special in this digital age we live in! What a great prize! Thanks Kat! Sorry it took so long to get pictures up. The holiday season had me super busy this year!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

For A Cause pt.2

My second mani is something that really means a lot to me.

As a lesbian woman I have recieved my fair share of bullying and teasing. Why people choose to waste their time harrasing gay people is beyond me. Who you choose to love is no ones business but your own. Gay, Straight, Bi, Transgendered we are ALL equal. We should have equal rights and NO ONE should be allowed to tease or harass anyone. LOVE IS LOVE! Gay rights is so important right now. We are making progress towards equality but we have so far to go!

For A Cause..

Today I did two special manicures. First off a No H8 mani.

I choose to do this topic because quite simply I am sick of all the hate and ignorance surrounding the nail art community. I love reading blogs and looking at other peoples nails but sometimes I see such rude comments towards people and its like why? Everyone started out at one point. Maybe you aren't so great yet. SO WHAT!!!  It's about artistic freedom so why do people choose to say hurtful words about other peoples works of art? It so sad and upsetting sometimes. I work hard on my nails and as long as I'm happy no one is going to bring me down over something as simple as a unclean cuticle. Get over yourself people! It's not that serious. We are supposed to be having fun! Enjoy yourselves fellow polishers! Don't let anyone bring you down. Because lets face it NO ONE and I truly mean NO ONE gets far in this world being catty. :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I love snow! Sadly I've only seen the snow once or twice in my life. :( I decided to do a snowman mani because who doesn't love a snowman! I wanted something light and bright and I think I achieved it.

I love this mani! I think its sooo cute. I entered this in a contest over at Manicured Mommas on Facebook. Hope I win! 


Christmas Light Watermarble

I love Christmas! It's so fun seeing the manis that people are coming up with! Today I have a mani that was inspired by my lovely girlfriend. She loves to come up with fun designs that I should do on my nails. She thought I should do a green background like a tree with Christmas lights and I jumped
on it!

I have a love hate relationship with water marbles. Sometimes they look awesome! Other times they look pretty terrible. This one just didn't want to work for me! With the exception of my thumb they came out pretty...muted? Is that the word?!! haha I have yet to figure out the perfect polish brand to use with marbling. I hear China Glaze is pretty good. Of course I don't have any green China Glaze! Booo! Oh well it came out decent so I'm happy about that. Enjoy your Sunday!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Candy Canes and Snowflakes

So for my final post of the day I have a candy cane snow flaked themed mani. I plan on entering this into a contest over at Simply Rins Nail Art Designs and More. I pretty much love this manicure. I am so proud of it!

I used Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby for the red and for the White I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I used a white liner for the snowflakes and a silver liner for the silver accents on the candy canes. With the exception of my pinky snowflake the rest turned out pretty good! I actually am not the biggest fan of peppermint candy canes. Call me weird! I like the fruitier tasting ones. YUM! Have a wonderful Wednesday. It's raining once again in Sac but today is my Friday and payday so I'm not complaining! CVS is having an amazing clearance sale. Check out the master list at  I went last night and picked up a few polishes for 1.37 each!!!! Can you believe that?!!!! I am going back today to clean house! Rain will never stop me from partaking in a sale! hahahaha


Ho HO Ho!

Hi there! I'm really starting to get into the Christmas Spirit. I have my first Christmas themed mani today. Yay! 


I used Sinful Colors Exotic Green for the base then using NYC Matte Me crazy I matted them. (I do adore matte finishes) Then using a white liner I did the snowflakes and the words. Then I added some random polka dots because well...why not! hahaha Kinda cute I think. I'm a bit happier with my snowflakes than last time. Yay! One more mani to post after this. :)


Winter Nail Art

Hi there! I'm finally back to blogging. These past few weeks have been rough. I've been sick and totally not up to doing my nails. I will say that they were perfectly polished the whole time though! ;)
Today I have an attempt at some snowflakes. I am not so into these nails..They kinda look like branches. Oh well! Winter branches it is! hahaha


Using Bonita colors Picasso Blue as my base color I then used NYC Matte About you to give them the matte finish. I used China Glaze Tin Man for the silver tips and for my Snowflake-Branches I used just a white liner. I kind of like it. I just wish my snowflakes were a bit more even. I plan on entering this in a nail art contest over at Jilltastic Nail Design. Wish me luck!