Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 23 Inspired By Nature

Hi guys!

For todays challenge we were to do mani's inspired by nature. It took some thinking but then I remembered I had these! (Picture taken from Amazon)

I got these from Amazon. You get this whole set for about 5 bucks. They do take about two weeks to arrive since they are coming from China but I don't mind the wait! ;) Each little container only holds about 3-4 actual flowers you don't get THAT many. But really how often do you see yourself sticking dried flowers on your nails? LOL Especially some of those big ones. I decided to do a green gradient and then I stuck a couple of flowers on. Kinda like a little garden. hahaha

Kinda Cute huh? It reminds me of the bad Easter hats my mom used to make me wear. All I needed was a little lace and I'd be good to go! HAHA!

I Used:
Sinful Colors- Exotic Green (dark)
Sally Hansen- Grass Slipper (light)

Have a great day!