Saturday, January 12, 2013

Indies Galore!

Hi guys. 2nd posting of the day whoo! I wanted to take a break from all the challenge postings and share all the nail mail I've been getting recently. I have been a busy busy girl! 

Ahhhh I am in heaven!!

First up Glitzology!

This is my 3rd order from Glitzology. Stacy makes such beautiful polishes! I have about 12 of them and she just released 3 new colors! She is always having sales and I just can't help taking part in each one! hahaha

For my six new ones I chose (left-right)

  • Robots in Love 
  • Little Red Corvet
  • Nebula 
  • Diamonds and Pearls 
  • Snow Day
  • Purple Rain 
Here's a back shot


Next up Jindie Nails! I have been waiting for Jens shop to open back up for so long! I saw a couple of swatches on a blog somewhere and I fell in love. So when her shop came back up I immediately ordered 3 polishes!
I picked
  •  Put A Ring On It
  • Silent Night
  • Blue Ivy
I am most excited to try out Silent Night. I love the stars!

Next up Vivid Lacquer! 
My first good stamping plate! I stink at stamping. I think it was just my plates. I'm so excited to see if I do better with a good plate.

Finally Daring Digits! I had a bit of an issue with this order. She accidentally sent me the wrong one. But she was so kind about it. She allowed me to keep the wrong polish and sent me the polish I wanted. And it was full sized even though I originally ordered all mini's. Such great customer service! Those big companies have a lot to learn from these small businesses. Anyways here is what I got!

I originally ordered
  • Ice-Rainbow Flakie 
  • True Love (gold)
  • First Love (pink)
I was accidentally sent Labor of Love (blue). I love all these polishes! They are beautiful. I cannot wait to try them all out.
That pink is going to be perfect for Valentines Day! :)

Thats all for now. Since we are moving I'm on a no buy until we are settled in. I don't want any packages to get lost in the mail. *snif* all these sales I keep seeing are making me so sad!

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