Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 18- Your Oldest Untried

Hi guys!!! It's Friday! Whoo! I am off today and I don't go back to work until Tuesday! I love a four day weekend! :) Plenty of nail painting time. Hahahaha For todays challenge we were supposed to use our oldest untried. I'll be honest I've got A LOT of untrieds. HAHA Since I'm fairly new to the nail community I have been building my collection and I only have so many nails! I have no idea what my oldest untried is so I just picked a couple. I also wanted to try this technique I saw floating around Facebook. It's a new take on a French Manicure and I thought it looked so cool and it still looked classy like a regular French Mani.

I used
Finger Paints- Go Van Gogh!
Tip Top Nails- Eureka

I kinda loved this! I can see so many color possibilities and I think it would look perfect for a date night or something formal. So there it is. Two untried polishes and an untried technique. :) Have a wonderful Friday!


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