Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14....Freaking Stamping!!

*Sigh* Stamping sucks....really really sucks.  I am over it. Someone teach me!!! I am only posting these because I am not afraid to make fun of myself. AND so hopefully someone will see how pitiful my stamping is and want to help me. LOL

Blue fingers random splotches of stamping but I do enjoy the color combo and once someone teaches me the proper way to stamp I will be retrying this one! A couple of days later I decided to try this stamp thing again... once the blue faded from my fingers! ;)

And then this happened.......... I started with a white and purple gradient. Which was really pretty by itself. Then I tried to stamp the zebra print on; only because the original stamp I wanted weren't working (hummingbird). So then I get this zebra print weird-ness that only kinda works because its zebra print...and zebra print really isn't perfect..right? THEN I decided that it didn't look crappy enough so I decided to add some damn glitter on top...because glitter is always pretty! didn't help. And that pinky? I don't even know. *hangs head shamefully* So there it is...Day 14.

What am I doing wrong??!!! I have one plate from  Vivid Lacquer and the rest were in this salon express kit. I'm not really sure what a good quality plate is. So I don't know if it's the plates or not! As for the stamper itself I just use the one that came in the salon express kit. The black is from Sinful Colors. Advice?

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  1. stamping is hard - until you get the hang of it. Never has the motto "practice makes perfect" been more relevant. Just keep practicing xxx