Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20- Texture

Hi guys!

20 days down! Can you believe it? So for todays challenge we had to do a mani that had some kind of texture. So I decided to try out flocking... it's official. I hate flocking! That damn stuff got everywhere! It was in the air, in my mouth, up my nose and I only used a little! I hate it. I bought a set of like 12 colors on Ebay and I have a feeling that it's going to be given away during a future giveaway! :)

I originally wanted to make black lines with the flocking powder so I used my striping tape to section off the spots where I wanted the black..unfortunately after the first nail I realized that it was becoming a hot mess...and a little vulgar looking lol so I just did the whole one nail in black and I was done! Hahahaha I don't know if you can see the yellow lines on my nails..that was were the striping tape was. Why it's yellow I have no idea. :) Anyways. I look forward to seeing all the textured nails out there. See ya tomorrow!

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