Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Watermarble Fail!

Hi guys!!

For today's post I decided to try my hand at water marbling again. I've had mixed success with water marbling. Sometimes it's awesome like my Fourth Of July Mani... other today's not so good. I will say that practice does make perfect so I will continue to try them at least once a week because they really are SUPER cool! Ok on to today's mani. I wanted to use red and black because honestly I don't use red that often and I love the combination of the two. Unfortunately I think the red was a little tooooo dark. You'll see what I mean!

Here are the colors I used

China Glaze-
China Glaze- Liquid Leather


So as you can see I dipped my pinky in the wrong section for sure because it came out super dark! And I obviously had some bubbling problems.. which I tried to fix with some terribly placed dots of paint. LOL I kinda wish all of the nails would have come out like my ring finger but that's just a problem with the design I'm drawing in the water. My biggest issue with these is that they seem kinda muted; if that makes sense. I wanted the red to pop a lot more. I am going to try this design again and change a couple of things with the water and the colors and see if I like it better. Nevertheless this was definitely not the worst water marble I've done by far but there were some things I hated! Any tips or suggestions on how to get the perfect water marble? Help a girl out!


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