Thursday, August 1, 2013

La Bella Vernice Swatch and Review

 These products were provided to me in exchange for an honest review
No compensation was received.

Hi guys!

I have some awesome polishes to show you today from a new Indie Maker. Her name is Roni and she is the owner of La Bella Vernice and man let me tell you her polishes are impressive; there are quite a few that will be going on my wishlist!

Before I show the polishes I wanted to mention something that really impressed me. I am obsessed with how a product is presented to me and Roni really outdid herself with the packaging. The polishes came packed neatly in a beautiful box complete with her brands name on the front and a cute little card.
I LOVE it! I like when Indie makers go the extra mile and this packaging really made me smile and be even more excited to see what was inside. Now onto the polishes!

First off both swatches are done with 3 coats and a layer of Out The Door. They are both scattered holos and a dream to work with! Not to thick, not to thin.. just right! As I mentioned before I did 3 coats but you could probably get by with 2 I just wanted to be sure I didn't have any sheer parts.

First up! Jozzi Bug. Jozzi Bug is a pretty aqua blue with a light scattered holo.

Bottle Shot

Pretty in the bottle and even prettier on the nails!

Gorgeous! Next up my absolute fave of the two London!

Bottle Shot

And now the nails!

I couldn't decide which I liked better so I included both! LOL

London is a gorgeous Pinkish/Fuchsia with a scattered holo and I am in LOVE with it! This will easily become one of my favorite polishes.

Roni did a great job on these polishes and I am excited to see what will become of La Bella Vernice I think that she will be very popular in the nail world. I had absolutely nothing negative to say about these polishes and that is rare! 

You can Buy La Bella Vernice here and like her Facebook page here The retail price is $10.00 for full size bottles and 4.50 for minis. You can also pick up the full size collection of 8 polishes for $70.00 ( $10.00 off) and the mini collection for $28.00.

Give em a try! You won't be disappointed!

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  1. I also got these two! I am a sucker for blues and for holo's so obvs, "Jozzibug" was right up my alley. But not to take away, at all from Jozzi bug , but, surprisingly because it is from me, I absolutely LOVED "London"...It's just so gorgeous!!! Only surprising to me because I usually always favor blues. And I do love "Jozzibug" but "London" was my fav!