Friday, August 16, 2013

A little Nail Art With La Bella Vernice

These products were provided to me in exchange for an honest review
No compensation was received.

Hi guys!

I was contacted by Roni from La Bella Vernice who asked if she could send more polishes to me to do some nail art with. Of course I agreed! The girl has some FABULOUS polishes and I was very excited to play with them.

 I'll do a general review of the polishes then show you how I incorporated them into nail art.

Fist up was Ariel. Ariel is a gorgeous blue  duochrome. It is such a pretty color on it's own I didn't even want to do anything to it.

Heres what Roni says about Ariel

 "Ariel is a duo chrome polish that reminds you of being under the sea with it’s gorgeous deep blue/purple colors."
The blue is just sooo rich! In person It really does remind you of being under the Sea.Well said Roni!

 I literally could not stop looking at my nails it's that pretty. Here's an outside shot.


Now on to the nail art. I had a bit of a nail fail with these. Basically I was going for a color block kinda thing..but unfortunately it didn't work out! LOL So I had to figure out how to make it work without taking it all off and starting over.

So I thought the failed color block kind of looked like bows so I added a rhinestone in the middle and Voila! Bows! I think I salvaged this mani and I was pretty happy with it.

The next polish I tried was Cinderella. Cinderella is a gorgeous baby pink holo.


 This polish is AMAZING! It's meant to wear as a topper and I knew it would look awesome over black so I decided to try a glitter gradient. Here's what I did. 


I just LOVE how this looks. Cinderella is perfect for a glitter gradient. I think it really pops over the black and the holo effect is stunning.  And for it to be my first glitter gradient I think it turned out quite well.

Finally my absolute favorite of the three, Birthday Girl!!! Bithday girl is a glitter topper full of both multi colored and shaped glitter. There are hexagons, and circles, and squares in this polish in pink, red, yellow, green and blue.  It is SO cheery looking. I decided that I wanted to incorporate all of the colors in the glitter on my nails using a splatter mani. So here's the colors that I used and of course the finished product!

Kleancolor- Beach Blue
China Glaze Def Defying
La Bella Vernice- Birthday Girl



LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I was so happy with the way this turned out! I think Birthday Girl looks fabulous over white and the accent nails with the splatter tie in with the glitter colors beautifully. Random thought. I love Splatter manis! It is nearly impossible to mess up and they always look so cool.

Birthday Girl applied great. The glitter wasn't to chunky that I couldn't get it out and I didn't have to fish out any glitter which is always a plus! The best part of this polish is that it can be applied over a variety of colors. Black, Pink, Blue they would all work!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Roni has really impressed me with her polishes. No polish looks the same and she keeps coming out with things that I'm totally not expecting. Great job girl!

You can find La Bella Vernice here and her Facebook page here.  Her polishes are $4.50 for mini's and $10.00 for full size. Right now she is having a buy two mini's get one free sale. So now is the time to try a couple of polishes for a good price! Oh! And she just came out with a thermal line which looks amazingly cool! Thanks for letting me review these polishes Roni! They were awesome! 

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  1. WOOOW!!! I LOVE what you did with "Cinderella". I want it now just so I can wear it over black! And birthday girl is so gorgeous!!! Looks almost like Lush lacquer's "clowning around" but not neon. These colors "pop" more! I love what you do with all your swatches. You don't just swatch them, you SWATCH them and have fun with them! I LOVE IT!