Sunday, December 30, 2012

On A Roll!!!

I am having a string of good luck. I won TWO more giveaways!!!!! So I started off with winning the giveaway over at Kat Stays Polished. Then I won a flash giveaway on Llarowes' page! I will be getting Femme Fatale Glistening Loadstone. I am soooo excited! Google swatches. It's freaking beautiful!!!!! THEN on top of both of these amazing wins I won a Giveaway hosted by Ana from Simple Nail Art Tips and Joan from Tip Top Nails South Africa!!! How exciting!! This post is a little late considering I recently got my prize from Tip Top Nails all the way from South Africa! Yay for international polishes! :) Here's a picture.

SO fabulous right! The bottles didn't have names on them so I'll have to do some searching but they are all nice colors. I know the blue one is called I Luv Denim. I was very excited to get that one because I had seen a few swatches and I loved it! I also got a top and base coat which is great! I love tying out new ones. I got some Nail stickers, micro beads and a nail file. What a great prize! Thanks Joan!!!

Happy Sunday!

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