Saturday, December 15, 2012

For A Cause..

Today I did two special manicures. First off a No H8 mani.

I choose to do this topic because quite simply I am sick of all the hate and ignorance surrounding the nail art community. I love reading blogs and looking at other peoples nails but sometimes I see such rude comments towards people and its like why? Everyone started out at one point. Maybe you aren't so great yet. SO WHAT!!!  It's about artistic freedom so why do people choose to say hurtful words about other peoples works of art? It so sad and upsetting sometimes. I work hard on my nails and as long as I'm happy no one is going to bring me down over something as simple as a unclean cuticle. Get over yourself people! It's not that serious. We are supposed to be having fun! Enjoy yourselves fellow polishers! Don't let anyone bring you down. Because lets face it NO ONE and I truly mean NO ONE gets far in this world being catty. :)

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