Friday, November 23, 2012

Stamping Fail!

Hey There!

There is a nail art contest over at Creative Nail Design by Sue. It's a stamping contest. My first thought was OH GOD! You see me and stamping do not get along. AT ALL! I am absolutely terrible at it. So I thought well I might as well try right? Wellllll here's what I ended up with.

GAHHHHHH this is not what I was planning on! :( Some flowers turned out decent the rest were a hot mess! I used Orly Buried alive as the base and for the flowers I used Sinful Colors Snow White. Thats right. White!!!  So why are they yellow? I have no idea! As soon as I spread a coat of Seche Vite on top they yellowed! I don't quite mind the yellow so I guess it's ok. I'm not even sure I should enter this mess. HAHAH I'm convinced its my crappy plates fault. I'm ordering new ones as soon as I finish posting this. :)  Have a happy Friday!


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