Saturday, November 24, 2012

Adventures in Stampland

So here I am trying stamping once more. After my first disastrous attempt I thought I'd give it a shot. I must admit this one came out slightly better than my previous attempt hahaha but it could definitely still need some work!

Kinda cute right? I love the gradient. Gradients were the first thing I learned to do and let me tell you I was terrible! I did not understand them at all. Now I adore them! If I could incorporate a gradient in every manicure I would! HAHA! I figure this stamping thing is gonna be the same..I'll be terrible for awhile and then i'll be decent! The great thing about Zebra stripes is that they can look super weird...but still kinda cool! Not to terrible right? My clean up job is atrocious. I just haven't got that down yet. :) Baby steps! Have a happy Saturday. I'm spending the night in with my honey and our very rambunctious puppy! Here he is!

Argo. VERY VERY spoiled Argo! He's four month old and a handful! But look at that face. You just can't be mad at him!


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