Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Emily de Molly Sakura

Hi guys!!

The other day I was going through my massive stash and I discovered that I had NEVER swatched my long time lemming Emily de Molly Sakura! In fact I forgot I even had it! Have any of you ever done that? You go through your stash and you're like I have that!? LOL.

Sooo here it is!



I layered it over China Glaze Moonlight, which is a milky almost sheer white. In all honestly it doesn't need to be layered over anything but I really really like this polish and I want to preserve as much as I can. LOL! I think this polish would be a really awesome Valentines Day polish, especially if you don't feel like going all out with the hearts and flowers and all that girly stuff. I am in love with the pink and grey glitters. It's my favorite color combo!

The only thing that sucks about Emily de Molly is trying to get them. It's an Australian brand so the only way to get them is from blog sales or Stockists like Llarowe. Sometimes you can find a mule (someone local to ship to non locals) to buy them and ship to you, but shipping from Australia is very expensive so unless you are doing a group order it isn't really worth the expense. If you can grab some during a restock from Llarowe I recommend trying a couple. They are pretty awesome polishes.

That's it for today. Have an awesome night!

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