Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jamberry Review

The products in this review were provided to me free of charge in exchange for a honest review. 
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Hi guys!

Most of you have probably heard of Jamberry Nails. Basically they are long lasting nail wraps that come in a bunch of different colors and designs. I was contacted by a woman named Terri to try them and since I've never tried ANY nail wraps I figured i'd give them a try.

Here is what she sent me.

For this review I decided to use the blue and silver design. But I will be using these again to use the comic book design as an accent nail. I'm obsessed with comic book prints!

To apply these you pick the size that fits your nail, heat it up for a few seconds with a blow dryer then apply it to the nail. Using the blow dryer again you blow it on the nail to help seal it down. Then you cut and file down to the length of your nail and boom your done! It sounds pretty simple and in reality it is, but there was a bit of a learning curve to getting it right. As you'll see in the picture a couple look a little wonky but that's user error not any fault of Jamberry.

So here is what they look like once they are done. 

I think the designs are pretty cute. For my first time using nail wraps I don't think I did to bad a job. ;)

I like the idea of these. I like all the designs they have and I like that they are pretty easy to use once you get the technique down. They are also long lasting (2 weeks on nails and 4 weeks on toenails) and just as easy to get off as it is to get them on. Just turn the blow dryer on warm them up a bit and peel them off. It's also nice to not have to wait for polish to dry!

 I personally wouldn't use these much because I like to change my polish far to often. But I would consider using them if I were going on vacation because I wouldn't have to worry about chipped polish or lugging around extra polish in my suitcase. I wouldn't mind using one or two of these as accent nails but I probably wouldn't use them for a full mani.

I do think that these are perfect for all ages which is pretty awesome I know there are a few ladies out there who would prefer not to put polish on their kids. It would also be good for pregnant women.

All in all I am pretty pleased with these. They were cute, easy to use and long lasting. They are a bit expensive for me though. They run about 15.00 a set.

What do you think of Jamberry? Do you wear them? I'd love to hear your experiences!

If you are interested in purchasing Jamberry you can find them here and feel free to like Jamberry here.

Have an awesome Saturday!

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