Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ABC Challenge..All Indies-B

Hi guys!

Happy Wednesday! I don't know about you guys but I am SO ready for this week to be over. It feels like it's dragging by.

For today's post I used Bundy Berries (double B!!) by Chirality. This polish was apart of the Cereal Killers collection. The Cereal Killers collection was slightly controversial, but I personally loved it. Take a gander at Bundy Berries.


(Oops a little blurry!) 

I noticed that this was a bit sheer. It would probably be great over white but I was ok with it. I love the various sizes and shades of blue hex glitter. I am a big fan of Chirality so you will be seeing a couple more during this ABC challenge.

If you want to participate in the challenge with me, please feel free to post your pics on my FB. I would love to see what you're using!

On another note, yesterday was my Fur baby's 2nd birthday! Of course we had a birthday party for him so I thought I'd share some pictures of him and his cake. ;)

As you can see he thoroughly enjoyed his cake!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I'll see ya tomorrow for "C"!!

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  1. Hehe awww happy birthday to your fur baby! so cute! I think that collection sounds funny but I can understand how it is controversial. This is cute and I think it would look pretty over like a milky pink color.