Thursday, February 21, 2013

Playing Catch Up! ABC Challenge-D, E, F

Hi guys!!! I'm back!!! It seems like it's been forever since I last blogged and man have I missed it! In order to catch up on my ABC Challenge I've decided to group together D,E and F. Hope ya'll don't mind! So first up D! D is for....DOTS!! Dots dots dots! I loveeeeeee dots! I think if their is one thing in the world that you can't mess up its dots! Which is great for me! HAHAHA


 I used NYC Lexington Lilac and Pure Ice Superstar for the white and Sally Hansen Black out for the black. I was pretty thrilled with these. They were quick and easy and still looked kinda cool even though they were horribly uneven lol I just love the lilac. I am a sucker for pastels! I am so happy spring is around the corner. Have you seen all the amazing spring lines out there? My poor wallet!

Next Up! E! This one was pretty hard. I literally only have three "E's" in my entire stash. How is that possible!? I decided to go with Essie E-nuf is E-nuf. Triple E! Whooo!

I had to add some animal print in there....beacause I just couldn't see a reason not to! HA! I had issues photographing this one. In some pictures it looked red, others it looked bright orange.  I would say it's more of a coral-y color. ;)

Finally F! I was really REALLY looking forward to doing "F" Because I won a giveaway from Llarowe awhile back and my gift was this amazing polish by Femme Fatale. It's called Glinting Loadstone and it might just be my new favorite polish. Here it is layered over Black.

Look at it! Really LOOK! It's beautiful. I was so happy to win this polish its my first Femme Fatale and judging from some of the swatches I've seen of other colors, it won't be my last! Excuse my pink cuticles. The Essie totally stained my nails. :)

So I'm finally caught up! This week is "G" and that post will follow shortly. Happy to be back!