Thursday, February 21, 2013

ABC Challlenge- G

Hi guys!

This weeks challenge is G. I kept it super simple this week. I went to Sallys and they were having a spend 3 dollars get an Orly for free. I suspect they are trying to get rid of the old bottles. *snif* I loved those bottles. I am not a fan of the new ones at all! Anyways I picked the prettiest one in the jar and it happened to start with a "G" score! So here is Orly Green With Envy.

Neither of these pictures is really it's true color though. It has more green in it.  It's such a pretty color. I've been wearing it for 4 days now which is totally unheard of with me! Haha Next week is "H". See ya then!


  1. That's a lovely color! My Sally's didn't have a lot offer in their spend $3 get a free Orly bin. I ended up getting a Bonder cuz the colors they had were just so-so. Lucky you for getting a winner with this one!

  2. Green with Envy is a delightful color, and one of my very favorite Orlys. Congrats on scoring this beauty!

    Happy weekend, Alaina!


  3. You got a WAY better color than I did! Went to Sally's by me, and all they had were french tip mani colors. Really pretty.

  4. I wish I saw that color when I went to Sally's the other day. I didn't see any I really liked. Pretty!!:)

  5. Well that would make a gorgeous colour even if it were colour accurate! And boo about the new bottles :( But I bet they are smaller and cost the same, right? That's it.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments ladies! I was actually kinda irritated with Sallys. First she made me show her the email I got that said the Orly was free with $3 purchase which I thought was ridiculous because the ad didn't mention anything about needing to have a coupon. Then one I had proved that I had an email about it she pulled out this little fishbowl size jar of Orly. Most of them were terrible colors and they were pretty much all the same.Honestly Green With Envy was the best thing in it. LOL It made me mad because I KNOW they had much better stock than that...I wonder if they were saving them for themselves.

  6. I've been irritated with Sallys too so I feel your pain haha and you still managed to get a great polish on your nails! :) very pretty!